CeeLo Green Claims His Label & Management Told Him Not To Lose Weight


The singer joked about “[losing my stomach]” before sharing the revelation—and Kandi Burruss jumped in with a few thoughts.

In the entertainment industry, image is everything. Whether it’s adhering to a particular trend, style, or weight, the rich and famous often nip, tuck, and inject themselves in order to hold fast to a certain beauty standard. It isn’t just the women who have been undergoing surgery, as Funkmaster Flex recently revealed that he’d heard that artists like Drake and LL Cool J had liposuction, inspiring him to do so, as well.

While his cohorts have been hiring personal trainers and meeting with their cosmetic surgeons, CeeLo Green shared that he’d actually been advised to not lose any weight. The Goodie Mob legend uploaded a post to Instagram where he joked about dropping a few pounds.

CeeLo Green, Weight, Instagram
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“When I lose my stomach, please don’t speak to me. I plan on acting funny,” the text image reads. In the caption, the Gnarls Barkley singer added, “#lol do y’all know my label and Mgt asked me not to loose weight? They said ‘ noooo it’s your look‘ what y’all think?” The overall consensus from fans was as long as he keeps making music, they didn’t care what he looks like. 

Green’s friend Kandi Burruss got a chuckle out of the post. “[Sideways crying laughing emojis] I don’t know what you’d look like skinny… [shrug emoji] some people just look good with a belly!” the Xscape icon commented. With or without the weight, CeeLo’s talents are unmatched. Check out the post below.

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