DAFM to enhance research with international bodies


The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) is developing new research initiatives that will involve enhanced collaboration with international partners in 2022.

The department said that it currently supports research and innovation for the Irish agri-food sector that aims to improve efficiency, sustainability and the development of a strong bioeconomy.

Minister of State with responsibility for research and development, Martin Heydon, said that among the Food Vision 2030 goals is to “develop an innovative, competitive and resilient agri-food sector, driven by technology and talent”.

“Our vision is for Ireland to become a global leader of innovation for sustainable food and agriculture systems.

“We have witnessed the critical role that science and innovation have played in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and I am of the view that they will play a similarly critical role in Ireland becoming a global leader in sustainable food systems,” the minister said.


Minister Heydon noted that studies have been carried out on a range of technologies and practices to mitigate the impact of agriculture on climate and the environment.

He said that this included multi-species swards, low-input chemical nitrogen (N) systems, protected urea, animal breeding and genetics.

“Over the course of 2021, I have seen the implementation of these scientific innovations on farms throughout the country.

“Given the fact that Ireland ranks second in the world for agricultural science research quality, I am confident that further scientific breakthroughs can be made that can build on this,” he stated.

The minister added that €20 million will be invested in projects across a range of areas following a research call.

Along with the DAFM adopting a new five-strand approach to its research funding structure this year, the minister said more developments are in the pipeline.

“My department is working on a range of new and exciting initiatives, many of which will see enhanced collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders here at home, but also with key international partners, and I look forward to bringing these to fruition over the course of 2022 ,” Minister Heydon concluded.

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