Director of Transportation of Warren County School District advises drivers to be aware of school buses


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – With school officially in session drivers are being advised to use caution when encountering school buses.

It is illegal to pass a bus that has its stop sign extended.

Chip Jenkins, the Director of Transportation for the Warren County School District told us about reporting plates.

“So when a driver catches a plate off of a vehicle that has run a stop arm, they can write it out a form that we have and we turn it into her office and the officers investigate that and they bring the perpetrators in and then if you’re found guilty they’re fined and if not if there’s a reason behind of course that’s a different story but we are able to go ahead and prosecute these people that are violating these laws because we take it very seriously,” says Jenkins.

The plates are reported to the Warren County Attorney, Amy Milliken’s office.

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